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Mod Schwalbe has been photographing and filming Fashion in the New York area for close to 10 years. His love of capturing Authentic stories can be seen in his work, as he aims to capture fashion in an authentic way. He aims to tell the story of the collaboration, between the designers, makers and wearers of all fashion.

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FLANELLE - Web Editorial

FOREIGN LOOK - Print Editorial

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I'm an NYC-based British photographer whose focuses on creating inviting environments for authenticity to shine. Whether capturing a captivating bond between partners on a wedding day or an artist taking their first professional headshot before embarking on their career, the idea of connecting with others through art and story telling has always been my passion. With 10 years of experience in the creative field, I'm on a mission to blend my diverse skill set to produce high-quality, authentic, story-centric content that ignites emotion within each photograph.

Mod is also the founder of PostModern Productions a video production company based in NY